Our Story

Our buildings story began in 1958; since then, it has always lived life as a grocery store. First, it lived its life as a Safeway, eventually it changed hands and became the property of Michael, who opened his store Michael's Grocery. Sometime in 1980, Stan (who happened to be Michaels' brother-in-law) bought the building and opened his own store, called Stan's Market. Ever since then, we have been the only locally owned, family operated grocery store in Kearns, Utah.

Over the years, we have worked with many amazing people, many of whom are sadly no longer with us, but who we will always remember. Not only fellow employees, but customers as well. We have been lucky enough to have some wonderful customers, who make our jobs and our lives better. Customers always share with us their stories; sometimes we learn amazing things about the local history of Camp Kearns or other Armed Forces histories, which is extremely interesting and can be very amazing- many of our customers are former or current members of the Armed Forces and it's an honor to help them, even if it is in a very small way.

More commonly we hear stories about our customers' lives and we get to know them that way. We see most of our customers on a regular basis; it is always fun to hear stories about what their family is up to that day or week. We love our customers and appreciate that they shop with us. It is so much fun and very rewarding to have customers who care about our store, to have customers that we see on such a regular basis, and that we have come to care for.

We are often invited by the Kearns Community Council to work with them on projects they host, some examples of these events include; Kearns Hometown Night Celebration, Kearns Night Out, and the Kearns Hometown Days Parade. In 2017, we were honored to be named the Grand Marshall of the Hometown Days Celebrations. It's so fun to participate in these events, and work with the people on the Council; they are all amazing people and do a great job. We'd love to give a special shout-out to Paula, who first came to us with the idea to team up on these events in order to work on supporting the Kearns community.

We've weathered many storms including; surviving construction on 5400 South, the intrusion of big box stores, and just plain old tough times, and we are still with you to carry on. We are hopeful that we will continue to be a part of the community for many, many more years to come! We can say that we are blessed to be a part of the community and to have the opportunities to celebrate the community all because of our amazing customers and friends. We just wanted to say thank you to our customers, we appreciate you all so much and don't know a better way to express that to you than just with a huge THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!