Our Meats

We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our products. We strive for perfect cuts as well as unbeatable quality.

Our selection does sometimes vary on certain items based on either the demand or cost. Sometimes the prices on meat can be unreasonable, and we are unwilling to forward that cost on to you as a valued customer. Occasionally we are able to offer cuts such as tomahawk steaks, which are amazing cuts and are absolutely delicious!

Seasonally we offer fresh ground beef patties, made from our ground beef. Out ground beef is ground every day, in the store, from fresh cuts of meats. We use the trimmings from our steaks that we trim daily. Out ground beef is fine ground, not medium or coarse ground. Fine ground beef is the most versatile kind of ground beef and it is great for almost every recipe. It is available by the pound, in five-pound, or even 10-pound packs. We DO NOT have the additive "pink-slime" (ammonia); we do not add chemicals to our ground beef. We also grind our own country style sausage, fresh, every day. The flavor is mild and not overwhelming, it is extremely delicious and very versatile. It's not just for breakfast anymore and there are many recipes it can be used in. Breakfast through dinner, it's great for everything.

Our meat department manager is very selective about the quality of the of the meats we offer, we do not offer cheaper products because we find when the price goes down, so does the quality. This concept is the opposite of what we are all about. We pride ourselves on value AND quality. We do everything we can to offer deals on high quality products. Each week, on our ad, we always have a good variety of items on sale. Don't forget to check back every week, on Wednesdays, to see what is on special!

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